Okay, for starters, you really ought to try Taranta any time you're in Boston. I mean this.

I went out to dinner with my favorite husband, and the chef selected a multi-course meal for us. I do not have pictures of our dessert, but hope my favorite husband has one for me. The pictures are listed below, in the order in which they were served. Please forgive any spelling errors. I'm posting this while away from home visiting family.

This was an appetizer of raw fish served in lime juice with red and yellow peppers and a garnish of red onions, fried sweet potato, and endive. It was sensaational.


Mussels cooked with Marsala, pancetta, and caramelized shallots. It is so good, you are willing to embarrass yourself to drink the broth.


This was casava gnocchi, and the broth involved lamb that had been cooked for 24 hours, as well as seasonings added for the last six hours. I couldn't identify everything in the dish, but it was delightful (and filling).


This was tilapia, served with shrimp and an assortment of beans (haricots verts among them). Get a load of the aptly named giant Lima beans!


I confess, I messed up the appearance of this dish before I photographed it. This was skirt steak on a Peruvian potato salad, with some tossed salad, asparagus, tomatoes, all kinds of delightful things with it. By this point, I was not hungry at all, but it tasted so good, I had to eat a bit of it.


Here is the hazelnut mousse after we cut into it. It was delightful. Mousse layers, crunchy hazelnut layer. I had the side with the raspberries.