For those of you who have asked (not many) why I don't blog, here are a few thoughts on them.

First, let me say that there ARE excellent blogs out there, some of which I really enjoy, and some of which genuinely benefit our society. However, there are exceptions, too. Here are some of the problems I have with the ones I don't read or wish to produce.

1. You really don't care what kind of day I had, unless you're a close personal friend, in which case you already know because you asked me. Otherwise, none of us really care if you had a good day or a bad day or if you're cranky or have PMS or any dull, mundane mood swings. If you had a major injury or something unbelievable happened to you, okay, we want to know, because we're fascinated, particularly by the macabre.

2. Blogs require you to post something, even if all you write for the day is swill. Yes, people COULD hold back until they have something meaningful or relevant to say, or could say the mundane in a fun, playful way. The problem is, they don't. They drone on and on and on and get mad if you don't read their blogs and have instant recall of all the subtle nuances, whether they've actually said anything or not. An occasional brilliant post does not warrant daily check-ins on my part.

3. There are details of my life that really ought to remain personal. If I use the blog as a confessional, I have no secrets, and I am probably filled with regrets for saying too much. If I really need to confess this much, I should seek a priest or a therapist who will hold what I say in confidence. I could try meditation or prayer before blogging intimate details in an online forum for masturbatory self-deprecation. My blog is not the place I should go to say how bad I am and check every five minutes for the uplifting feedback of my fans. "How can you say that? You're so great. I love you."

4. I am too lazy to blog. I hope to write every day. I don't expect to write something fit for mass consumption every day. It would be a dream come true if I could, but if I could do that, I would be paid. There is a difference between professional and hobby writers for a reason. I'd like to be a professional.

5. There are blogs out there that are produced by professional writers, news reporters, humorists, but they have done their homework. Love them or hate them, they have researched, in some form or another, what they say. This is not the same as a daily update on mood swings and meals. This is their attempt at making an impact on a world that would otherwise totally disregard what they're saying, as well as a means of presenting data of dubious origin (which is usually confined to only the highest levels of government). It's a forum to let it all hang out, to not let empoloyers or conventions of good taste get in the way of what they are driven to say.

6. This is not to say that a blog is not a really cool way of presenting humor or links to things you find interesting. I merely choose personally to show some restraint. I use my web site to do these things, rather than a blog.

7. If you enjoy blogs, read away! Just please, don't ask me to make one, and respect the others like me who like to share our lives with only the people who love us.