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Have you ever spent hours looking for just the right words to say, the words that will let your true love know exactly what he or she means to you? We here at know how you feel, and we're here to help. Look for your unique situation below and follow the links to words that will express your feelings like no others.

Our services are FREE! No strings attached. Simply copy and paste the text from our sample letters, fill in the name of your beloved, and print or email away. Your relationship will never be the same again!

for when you're hanging onto a relationship that is long dead.


Author names will not be given, no pay available, but if you really want to share a special love message with the world, here's your chance. The editor reserves the right to not include letters or to edit to fit style and space restraints. Put "Love Letter" in the Subject line so we don't think you're passionately enamored of us.


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